Going Forward
WACCRA is working to improve the CCRC law, extend the rights of prospective and current CCRC residents, and ally with other organizations who share our concerns.

“Further progress requires active members and a strong Advocacy Fund,” says President Allan Affleck. “We invite you to become involved.”

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CCRC bill signing, April 1, 2016. Several WACCRA board members, led by then-president Jim McClaine (left front), joined Governor Inslee in Olympia for this landmark event.

WACCRA Accomplishments

Formed by residents in 2015, WACCRA has already proven an effective advocate for your rights

As of the annual membership meeting,

February 16, 2018

  • growing our membership to 540 residents, with 10 residential communities represented.
  • helping enact the first CCRC Law, RCW 18.390, enacted in Washington State (effective
    July 1, 2017).
  • preparing a “clean-up” bill to expand disclosure
  • raising $20,000 for our Advocacy Fund.
  • retaining an experienced lobbyist, Donna Christensen, for our part-time lobbying effort.
  • receiving IRS certification as a non-profit
    501(c)4 corporation.

  • issuing press release announcing our IRS status and the effective start date (July 1, 2017) of the CCRC law View Press Release  
  • cosponsoring with provider association Leading Age an educational program on “Financial Issues in Today’s CCRC Industry”
  • providing the final push for passage of a Consumer Protection Bill (HB2750) benefitting the nearly 33,000 assistant living residents across Washington State
  • developing a communications program, featuring the WACCRA.org website and a member news-mail system
  • published a membership recruitment brochure

With your involvement and support, we will continue this progress into 2021 and beyond.

​2020 Annual Membership Meeting - October 14, 2020
​The video of the 2020 Memberships Annual Meeting featuring our Keynote Speakers on Elder Financial Abuse and Financial Scams is available. The the slides from our keynote speakers Page Ulrey, Attorney and Kathy Van Olst from the King County Prosecutors Office that are shown in the video are also available. If you would like to see the WACCRA’s slides, they can be seen as well.

Meeting highlights:

The 2018 Annual Membership Meeting
Some 155 Members attended, with another 98 sending vote proxies. Others watched live as the meeting was streamed to Emerald Heights residents.

Meeting highlights:

  • Review of WACCRA’s 2017 accomplishments by President Allan Affleck
  • Legislative report by our lobbyist, Donna Christensen
  • Featured speaker, AARP-Washington president Mike Tucker​
  • Keynote address, “Consumer Protection in Washington State and What You Can Do,” by Cynthia Alexander, Assistant Attorney General of Washington State. View Alexander Slides

​For more on the 2018 Annual meeting, Click Here to View Minutes (coming soon)

2017 Membership Meeting
Washington state ombuds Patricia Hunter was the keynote speaker. Also of interest was the report by lobbyist Donna Christensen on developments in the state legislature. 

Summary of their remarks: View Speaker Comments from Annual Meeting.

For more on the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, go to http://www.waombudsman.org 


During our first year in existence, WACCRA successfully advocated for the first Washington State CCRC law, RCW18.390. About the Law